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Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco Committee page, where we will update you on our progress in fighting the war against climate change. We will update you every term on our website. Keep checking back here so that you can see just what our wonderful eco-warriors have been doing to promote greater biodiversity, save energy and promote wildlife in our expansive school grounds. 





We have been very busy this half term with setting up this year's eco council. In September, I asked the school to apply to become one of our eco-councillors. I was lucky to have so many fantastic applications and it was very difficult to choose only two from each class. However, I managed to whittle it down and I was very proud to announce the chosen applicants in a special assembly. During which, I handed them their brand new eco council badges. 


We held five meetings during Autumn 1. The initial meetings started with finding out what we wanted to achieve this academic year. We reviewed what we had in place and the children each investigated an area that the school could improve in. These included the school grounds, healthy living, biodiversity, energy and transport. After another meeting we decided to settle on three main areas. These are:  

  • Biodiversity
    • To make our school an attractive biodiversity supporting area

  • School Grounds
    • To make our school more sustainable and create cleaner area, reducing pollution around are perimeter
  • Litter
    • To make our school tidier ad make everyone proud of our environment

Our eco warriors were fantastic in getting to work on these areas straight away! First of all, they encouraged all school children to get involved in a weekly litter pick on a Friday. It was another meeting before we decided on our eco code. This was a whole school eco code that we all agreed to abide by. The eco code was in the form of an acrostic poem:

E – Energy monitors to save energy when we are not using it 

A – Attract wildlife and bees to our school grounds 

R – Remembering to always reduce, reuse and recycle 

T – Trees to help reduce the pollution around our school 

H – Healthy school = healthy planet. Help stop climate change!


We are took part in Cut Your Carbon Month and all children should have come home with 9 carbon saving ideas to do at home. You can find the handout on our X (formerly Twitter page). Please do tag and comment to us the ways in which you are taking part. 


Additionally, the school received over 250 trees to plant! These were placed around the perimeter in order to offset the pollution around the school. Some of the other trees were placed on the large slope by our multi-use games area so that we can increase the biodiversity of our grounds.  


We are also looking at planting some flowers and seeds to attract bees and grow some of our own food. Could you help? Please let us know. We will gladly welcome any help from the local community. 





Spring has turned out to be another eco-friendly term here at QHA! This term we have had over 100 solar panels fitted onto our roofs. This will halve our energy consumption! Also, this term, we have conducted a special article in the term's QHA Times - make sure you grab a copy! 


At the start of January, we sent home a letter asking you for your unwanted clothing, linens, bags, cuddly toys and paired shoes - and you did not disappoint! Wow! We managed to collect a whopping 210kg! Thank you so much for all those that donated. These items will be recycled and sold in other countries. We also collected 50p a kilo which will go towards improving our grounds. The eco club are hoping to use the money to create a small allotment. In addition to this, we bought 250 wildflower and meadow seeds to grow on the slopes next to the MUGA. We want to increase the number of bee-friendly flowers we have here on the school grounds as well as other wonderful wildlife. 


Eco Warriors 2023

6GMRhiannon and Kyzer
6CWSiluan and Rihelle
5CEKristyan and Pranavee
5EGGrace and Freddie
4KRAbigaile and Joshua
4TAAsinat and Lara
3NWRosie and Noah
3SBInaya and Ehsan
2SSAria and Idris
2CHBertie and Mina
1GRMusa and Taibah
1JVHiten and Heidi