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Week commencing 10th July 2023!

Year 2 have had an amazing penultimate week of the year! We looked at the parts of flowers and saw the beautiful garden in school. We also made pizzas and ate them! Finally in Maths we made shapes using cocktail sticks and blue tac- the children worked incredibly hard to make a hexagonal prism!

Week commencing 3rd July 2023!

This week we have learnt about directions and turns in Maths. We used the beebots and robots to practise giving instructions and trying to stop them crashing! We have also written a setting description about a storm to write our own story about Katie Morag and the Isle of Struay.

Week commencing 19th June 2023!

What a week for Year 2! Science day with amazing experiments, sports day with lots of fun and a trip to the zoo, seeing many animals and feeling real fur. A great week had! 

Week commencing 12th June 2023!

A busy first week back in Year 2! We have learnt a story called The Enormous Crocodile, learnt about money and coins including how to add coins, and looked at maps of the world to see what the weather is like. We are so excited for our trip next week!

Week commencing 9th May 2023!

What a wonderful afternoon we had on Friday, celebrating the King’s coronation with our cream tea. It was great to see so many parents with their children. In class this week, we have been completing our innovation of The Highway Rat and writing our own story. In RE we have discussed how to be a good neighbour and the ways we can be kind to others.

Week commencing 2nd May 2023!

Year 2 have had a busy week with lots of learning, practising skills and building stamina in readiness for the SATs. We have learnt a new story called The Highway Rat, practised dividing and multiplying and learnt about why sleep is important and going to bed on time.

Hope you all enjoy the Coronation weekend!

Week commencing 24th April 2023!

Year 2 have had a busy week with writing our own story about the Dragon Slayer and having lots of our parents in to see our amazing writing and progress! In Maths we have been working on division, multiplication, and fractions. In Art we are working on super paintings of flowers and learning to make different tones of colours.

Week commencing 30th January 2023

2JL have been creative making houses to burn in the Great Fire of QHA in a few weeks. We have also looked at food labels in Science and made up our own stories based on a film.

Week commencing 23rd January 2023

Year 2 had a great trip to St Peter and St Pauls church on Wednesday. We spoke to Reverand Barlow about the church and he told us it’s over 900 years old!

We have also learnt about multiplication and division and have planned our own story based on a fantasy story. What a busy week!

Week commencing 5th December 2022

Year 2 have had a very festive week of Christmas plays, songs and rehearsals. So proud of how they all did! We have also learnt a story called the man on the moon and written it in our own way. 

Week Commencing 14th November 2022

This week we looked at pointillism and the artist George Seurat. We looked at a lot of his paintings. Then, using these as our inspiration, we had a go at painting in this style and our work was amazing.

Week Commencing 31st October 2022

In Maths this week, we are looking at place value and the children experimented with different ways to create a two-digit number. We have also looked at using different tools to paint with and had great fun making different patterns with a variety of tools e.g. sponges, cotton reels and buds, tooth brushes and forks to name a few.

Week commencing 17th October 2022

The children had a fantastic time being immersed in the history of our Queen’s coronation. The children were able to handle artifacts from 1953. Create their own sovereigns and then celebrate as the children did 70 years ago with a street party. Finally they ended the day with preforming, different parent of the coronation and celebration dances.

Week commencing 3rd October 2022

This week as part of our history topic the children had to observe how public transport has changed over time. To make this more engaging for the children we were able to get our local bus company to bring tow of their historic buses onto our playground for the children to explore. They were able to compare the differences between the 2 buses and see how the vehicles have changed over time. Everyone in year 2 had a fantastic time sitting on the open top deck and ringing the bell. All 2JL were able to sit in the driver’s seat of the eldest bus and pose for a picture.

Week commencing 26th September 2022

During English this week, the children have been using their senses to explore autumn. They have been looking at crispy leaves, shiny conkers which will help them to write their own Autumn poem. As well as poetry in English, in Science we have been investigating which fabrics would be best suited for making a sturdy pair of dungarees. We made a prediction, but we were surprised with our results and it did not match our prediction. We have great fun rubbing the different fabrics across a brick to see which one get a hole first.

Week commencing 19th September 2022

After the bank holiday to remember our great Queen Elizabeth II, the children looked that the significant symbols of her coronation and how those symbols played a part in her funeral too. 2JL worked creating images of her crown, scepter, orb and her colours.

Week commencing 12th September 2022

This week along with tasting papayas in English to help immerse the children into our story ‘the Papaya that Spoke’ the children have been learning about Great Britain with our topic. We looked at the capital of England and its landmarks. The children that created their our postcards telling someone special about their visit to these landmarks.

Week commencing 5th September 2022

We have had a very busy first week back, the children have all worked really hard. We have chosen our school councilors -who are Safyre and Andrew- to represent our class so we can have our ideas heard. During our D.T. lesson, we learnt to thread a needle, knot our thread and then the hard work began as we tried our hand at a running stitch. The pictures show some of our successes.