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Week Commencing 6th May 2024

A shorter week this week, due to the Bank Holiday Monday, but the children have worked just as hard! The week started with a parent writing workshop, where the parents got to work with their children, helping them write a description of a T-Rex. The children continued planning and writing their information texts on dinosaurs, which the children have really engaged with. In maths, we have developed our mental calculations, recalling our number bonds and number facts to help. In History, our attention switched from the Titanic to the Windrush.  We discussed what we thought it may be, about before learning some facts about the historic ship and event. In art, we started combining the environmental art and urban art by beginning to draw the school building. In Science, we continued our learning of plants, looking at, comparing and classifying wild flowers and garden flowers.

Week Commencing 29th April 2024

This week in Year 1, we have started to learn about information texts in English, and have started to write our own Dinosaur report using these features. In Maths, we have revisited Multiplication and Division, and developed our independence with using a method to answer questions for both of these. In Art, we drew a variation of famous buildings, developing our sketching skills in order to include as much detail as possible. In History, we researched how boats have changed since the sinking of the Titanic, and towards the end of the week we had a lovely enrichment day, learning about flowers and the jobs of the roots, stem, leaves and petals before planting many many many flowers and vegetables around the school.

Week Commencing 22nd April 2024

This week in 1GR, we have started writing the story 'The Way back home' inspired by Oliver Jeffers. We have really shown how far our independent writing has come and are starting to use our own adjectives, verbs and detail independently.

In Maths, we have recapped addition and subtraction, using a number line. We have started to use this with a growing independence too! In Science, we continued on from last week where we planted a seed, which we will continue to watch grow over the coming weeks, but we wrote the instructions for what we did last week when we planted the seed. In History, we looked at the difference between the first and third class cabins on the Titanic and compared how different these were from the pictures available. We looked at what a balanced diet consisted of, in PSHE, and created our own food pyramid. In RE, we leant about a Christian baptism and what happens during this celebration. Another great week!

Week Commencing 15th April 2024

We welcomed back the children after the Easter break and began our learning straight away. 

We started learning a new story, ‘The way back home,’ in English. We read the story, drew a story map and smothered it with the language from the text. We also looked at the feelings the boy felt when he was isolated on the moon and wrote a description of what the real moon looks like.

In maths, we revisited shapes and fractions. We recapped our shape knowledge before looking at fractions in shape and then looking at fractions in numbers. 

In science, we planted our own seeds and will be looking at their development over this half term as well as sharing our knowledge on wild flowers. We started our history topic this week, ‘The Titanic’ where we looked at old photos, to piece together what may have happened before learning a little bit more about the facts of what happened. 

We also had time to be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and his art pieces before making some of our own! 

Week Commencing 25th March 2024

And that brings the curtain down for the Easter term. What a busy week this week has been! Our Maths topic this week was data - we gathered our own data in a tally chart and created our own bar charts to show this and also learnt about pictograms. 

In English we wrote our recount to the Toy Museum, using some amazing vocabulary. In RE we learnt about various symbols of Easter and during Science we completed the Spring page of our Seasons diary. If that wasn't fun enough, we even finished the week with an Easter Egg Hunt.   

Week Commencing 18th March 2024

This week we wrote our own versions of Goldilocks and the three bears in Wmglish, innovating various things to make it unique.

I’m maths we showed off how good we have become when we took our half sternly assessments. In RE we learnt about the Eater story and how Christians celebrate Easter. In PSHE we discussed and wrote down the job that we want to do when we are older. He had some lovely jobs ranging from a police officer, to a make up artist, to an ice cream woman. But the best part of the week was when we went on our school trip to the toy museum as part of our history topic. 

Week Commencing 11th March 2024

This week in Year 1 we immersed in our new story. The tradition tale ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’. We learnt the story, acted the story, created a story map and started to plan our own version. In maths we developed our knowledge on time, in particular o’clock, half past and we started to learn the quarter past and quarter to. We also learnt about position and direction. In science we made bridges and had a competition to see who could make the strongest bridge using our own investigation skills.

In history we compared old and new toys and explored their differences. And in art we created a weave using different strips of coloured card. Another fun packed week!

Week Commencing 4th March 2024

This week in the 1GR, we have written our ‘lost in the toy museum’ stories, working on writing independently. In maths, we have developed our capabilities in using our mental calculations for addition and subtraction.

In science, we had a great time experimenting with different materials to investigate how best we can make a boat buoyant for our gingerbread men to cross the water. In history, we looked at the history of toys and how they have changed over the last 70 years or so, and we ended the week with world book day doing a range of fun activities around reading in the afternoon.

Week Commencing 26th February 2024

We have had a great week back after half term. 

It all started when we immersed ourselves into our new English topic, Lost in the toy museum. Learning the story and writing descriptions of the toys. This linked into our new History topic - Toys. Where we look at old toys from the past. In Science we conducted our own experiment, discovering what items and materials were water proof. In Maths we recapped how we add and subtract on a number line. In computing we looked at creating our very own ebooks. 


If this wasn’t fun enough we even had a basketball workshop from one of the Harlem Globetrotters players - Paul Sturgees.

Week Commencing 5th February 2024

This week in 1GR, we have written our version of the story, ‘the giraffe, the pelly and me where we used amazing adjectives, adverbs and detail in our story.


In maths we recapped place value, ensuring we understand the value and importance of each digit in each number.


In science we conducted our own experiment and used a range of resources to see who could make a house using a range of materials strong enough to withstand a wolf’s blow (from the 3 little pigs).


We also had our map making enrichment day! We spent the morning exploring atlases and maps, making our own map of the school before making our own 3D village map.


In RE we leant about the mosque where we had some of our own Muslim children help teach us about what is inside the mosque. 

Week Commencing 29th January 2024

This week in 1GR we have been learning a new story, The giraffe, the pelly and me. We have explored the language and immersed in the story ready to write our own next week.


In Maths we have recappped on the 4 operations and recalled our previous knowledge to solve questions.


We had a great time in Geography, creating our own classroom maps.


In science we explored absorbency, creating our very own, child ran experiment. What a success that was! We tested a range of different kitchen rolls for Mr Young, the site manager, to let him know the best one that he should use to clean the school with.

Week Commencing 22nd January 2024

This week 1GR started their own innovated story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We used amazing detail and started writing with a growing independence. In maths we used our mental calculation methods to answer questions. We had a good time in Science, first reviewing the materials and their properties before showing our knowledge of what items are made of.  In RE we learnt about a Jewish synagogue and the features within it. We also continued our skills on programs in computing and continued with our movable storybooks in DT.

Week Commencing 15th January 2024

This week in 1GR we have started learning a new story, The 3 little pigs. We immersed ouself in the story as well as acting it out and drawing our own story map. We have also started planning our own innovated version too!

 In maths, we have been learning about multiplication and division and using arrays and grouping to answer questions. In science, we have been continuing our learning on materials, and identifying whether different items are transparent, hard, or both using a verb diagram. In RE, we wrote about our visit to the church, describing different features within this sacred place. We also had a great time during culture day, exploring a range of different cultures all through the day. 

Week Commencing 8th January 2024

This week in 1GR, after immersing in the story monkey see, monkey do, we then wrote our own versions of the story this week. They were amazing. 

In maths, we went back through Measure, learning in more detail, about length, mass, and capacity. In PSHE, we learnt about the difference between a baby and an adult and what each can or can’t do. In science, we started our topic on materials and started to discovering what items were made from what material. We looked at different slider and movers in DT, as we started to look at how we may create a moving book. 

We even managed a small trip to the local church for our RE project and looked around the local church and its features, see what made this a special and sacred place to Christians. 

Week Commencing 3rd January 2024

Straight back into the new year and new spring term as if we have never been away! 

We started learning our new story ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ this week. Immersing ourselves quickly into the language, retelling the story to our friends using the story map only, before planning our own version ready for next week. 

In maths we improved our number knowledge by developing our place value understanding. In geography we looked at a map of our local area and located the school. And in RE we discussed what the term sacred is, before linking that to sacred places in religion.


Week Commencing 4th December 2023

This week in 1GR we have had a visit from an elf! So we used him as part of our English topic and have been writing a diary each day about his mischievous activities. 

In Maths, we proved how amazing we are and completed our half termly assessments. We completed our final art project by mixed a range of colours and creating a colourful Elmer elephant. We looked at the 'Good Samaritan video' in RE and discussed why it is good to be helpful to others. We even managed to fit in 3 practices for our KS1 Christmas production. What a week!

Week Commencing 27th November 2023

We have had another exciting week this week in 1GR. 

We continued writing our amazing French non chronological reports in English. In Maths we worked hard on our mental calculations and applied this when adding or subtracting. In science we studied the similarities and differences between animals that are in the same animal group. We leant about what we need to do if we get lost, in PSHE and we also had an amazing enrichment day, exploring France further and immersing ourselves deeper into the topic. We heard a French story (in French) told by our own Miss Weller, we learnt a variety of French words, linking this to the ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ song, we studied its location in Europe, we tasted a variety of French foods and finished the day by exploring different French artists and using their work as inspiration for drawing and painting. 

Week Commencing 20th November 2023

This week we have learnt about, and started writing a non chronological report, based on France, using new knowledge and knowledge we already have learnt from our geography lessons. In science grouped animals based on whether they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores using a Venn diagram. In maths we have explored measure, using a variety of equipment and strategies to learn about length, weight and capacity. We continued exploring paint in art, whilst working on our best paintbrush technique. 


Week Commencing 13th November 2023

This week we have been writing our own ‘Argh Spider’ stories. We used to own adjectives and change the main character, they were amazing.


In geography we carried on learning about France and how the climate was similar to England.


In maths we re-capped addition, and subtraction and carried on solving questions using a number line.


In science, we looked at different animals and looked at how they moved and compared them with different animals.


In computing we used our new known skills in ‘paint’ to create a piece of art inspired by Matisse. 

Week Commencing 6th November 2023

We had a lovely week in one GR this week, we learnt a new story ‘Arrrgghh spider’ as we plan to write our own version next week. In maths, we explored 2D and 3D shapes discussing and learning about their properties. In geography, we started to use directional language when discussing different countries and located France on a map. We continued our topic of animals in science, this week, placing different animals in their animal groups. we also explored paint in Art. - mixing primary colours to create secondary colours in a colour wheel. We even managed time to go and watch Trolls at the cinema. What a week!

Week Commencing 30th October 2023

We started back as if we’d never been away.

In English we learnt about the features and a structure of poetry before writing our own on rain and wind. In maths we developed our number knowledge through securing our knowledge on place value. We also started guided reading this half term and starting reading the Julia Donaldson story ‘The smartest giant in town’, which we all loved! 


We looked at the world map and honed in on the UK and learnt the 4 countries that make this up, and where they are located to one another in Geography. And in Science, we learnt about what all living things have in common before sorting items into living and non living sections.

Week Commencing 16th October 2023

A fun and busy last week of half term!


We learnt about money, coins and their value in maths. In English we learnt about instructions and why we have them, before we wrote our own instructions for how to brush our teeth. 

We decorated some poppies for remembrance day which is fast approaching and are now ready for the school poppy display, so watch out for that.


We also had a great trip to Wat Tyler Park, which linked in nicely to our History and science topics before completing the week celebrating black History month at the end of the week.

Week Commencing 9th October 2023

This week in 1GR we have had another amazing week.

We started of mental health week with some relaxing and mindful colouring.

We also wrote our own version of ‘the magic porridge pot’ story, innovating different parts and showing our amazing vocabulary. In history, we compared the differences between Georgian schools and modern schools. In PSHE, we discussed who was in our family, and all the lovely reasons of why we love our family members. In RE we discussed and understood what a prayer was before writing our own prayers to say what we were thankful for in our lives, which was lovely to read.

We had another fun science lesson. We smelt different items this week and trying to guess what they were. Some were not nice!

Week Commencing 2nd October 2023

This week in 1GR we have learnt a new story ‘The magic porridge pot’ in English, we have used our metal skills to add and subtract in maths, used our sense of touch to conduct an investigation in Science, which was so much fun! 

In history we looked at how the Victorian schools were different to now, realising how strict they used to be! And we had a great time in DT where we completed our projects of the windmills.



Week commencing 25th September 2023!

This week in 1GR we have written our own version of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ in English, ensuring we have included plenty of adjectives and detail to make our writing amazing! We learnt how to subtract on a number line in Maths. In History, we looked at difference in a Victorian school and our school today. In RE we heard the Christian story about Jesus healing the lepers. We looked at rules in PSHE and how different behaviour makes others feel and in Science we tasted different foods to help us understand about our sense of taste and the difference things we can taste (sweet, salty and SOUR!) as you can see, the lemons didn't go down!

Week commencing 18th September 2023!

We have had another busy week in 1GR this week.


We continued to assemble our windmills in DT, improved our number knowledge in math as well as look at adding numbers together, using objects and a number line. In History we studied what items were in Victorian homes that are less likely to be seen nowadays.


In English, we immersed ourselves in our new story, ’Handa’s surprise’ and in science, we continued to develop her knowledge on senses, with a strong focus on hearing this week, as we ordered different sounds that we might hear around us into quietist loudest. 

Week commencing 11th September 2023!

With only the second week down, and it feels like the children have been with us forever. They have settled into their routines so well and are so well behaved and polite to adults and children. It looks like it going to be a great year!

We wrote our amazing stories of ‘This is the bear’ this week in English. Explored our sense of sight in science, discussed different symbols linked to Christianity in RE, ensured we know the school rules in PSHE and continued our number knowledge development in maths which also included using ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ symbols.

Week commencing 4th September 2023!

A rather warm, but great start to Year 1.


The class have settled in well and even had time to vote in their new school councillors.