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Week commencing 3rd July 2023!

Week commencing 26th June 2023!

Week commencing 16th January 2023

In Science this week, Year Five looked at soluble and insoluble materials. An insoluble material is something that does not dissolve in liquid and a soluble material is one that does dissolve.


If a material dissolves within a liquid this means that we can no longer see it but it has NOT disappeared. A new solution has been created. However, if a material does not dissolve, then a mixture is created.


In the photo, you can see us experimenting with the water and materials!

Week commencing 9th January 2023

This week we have been very creative! We are working as a class to complete a new and exciting board for the hall all about diversity. The children have been a great help with this and have loved displaying their creativity.

Week commencing 19th December 2022

What a great last day of term! Year 5 had their enrichment day today which involved different activities based on our geography topic- climate change. The children got involved with litter picking this morning and collected lots of rubbish! In the afternoon, the children had their own research question based on an environmental problem. They needed to come up with their own product idea/design to tackle it.

Week commencing 21st November 2022

This week the children attended a workshop which focused on the importance of online safety.

Week commencing 14th November 2022

This week in maths we have been looking at measure. The children walked around the class measure different items with a range of tools.

Week commencing 7th November 2022

This week we looked investigated America further. The children loved locating the states by looking at the longitude and latitude coordinates. I have been really impressed with their geographical knowledge and facts about America.

Week Commencing 10th October 2022

This week we celebrated Hello Yellow. The children made kindness calendars and donated money to the charity young minds to support children’s mental health

Weel commencing 3rd October 2022

This week we had a debate in our Drama lesson based on our History lesson. The children articulated their viewpoints and challenged each other’s points.

Week commencing 26th September 2022

This week we went to the science museum! We had so much fun and learnt about our space topic in more depth.

Week commencing 12th September 2022

This week we have been looking at Earth and Space. The children had an opportunity to research and write about the Gassy and Rocky planets. They loved searching for information around the classroom for clues.

Week commencing 5th September 2022

Our first week back has been great! The children have enjoyed learning about different topics and getting back into the school routine. In History we are learning all about the Royal Family. The children worked together to create a timeline of the different monarchs over time.