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Week Commencing 16th May 2022

Today in 4EG we have been having so much fun exploring the Roman Baths. This morning we watched videos giving us a guided tour of the baths and then we carried out a match mine which is where the children found the answers to questions around the room. After break, we then began building our very own Roman Baths using card, paper and glue. The children absolutely loved this activity and enjoyed sharing their ideas with other groups. Once completed, we had a visit from Mrs Wakeling and she was so impressed with each groups replica of the Roman Baths that she putting their creations on Twitter. They are also going on display in the corridor all next week for other children across the school to enjoy! Just ask your children what they know about the Roman Baths. I hope you had a super fun day 4EG!

Week Commencing 2nd May 2022


This week in Year 4 we been using any spare minute to practice for our timetables test. This has involved regular Quiz Quiz Trades, recalling our timetables at random times and taking part in a competition to beat the Year 5's on TTRockstars - which we won due to having more participants in the competition! 


The children really enjoy the competitions on TTRockstars! Keep practicing Year 4 🙂 

Week Commencing 25th April 2022

This term in science we have been learning about where our food goes and it was a real adventure replicating the digestive system this week. Using lots of interesting resources such as; a banana, bowl, knife and folk, masher, bag, a leg from a pair of tights, orange juice and vinegar. In groups the children managed to squeeze the banana through our man-made digestive system. The children loved it and were very focused throughout!
Just ask them where their food goes!

Well done 4EG.

Week Commencing 18th April 2022

This term in DT we are learning about structures - pavilions. Today was our first lesson of this topic and we explored different pavilions and their purposes. Then we experimented as groups to create our very own pavilions using play doh and straws! As you can see it was a challenge but a success as the children figured out why they didn’t stand and how they could improve next time. Well done 4EG

Week Commencing 21st March 2022

Lucy, Edmund, Mr. Tumnus and the White Witch have their day in court!


As part of character immersion, Year 4 have been reading and role playing 'The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by CS Lewis.


In the story, Mr. Tumnus was arrested by the White Witch's guards for letting Lucy go and not bringing her to the palace. Today, the children attended 'court' to see the trials of Lucy, Mr. Tumnus, Edmund and the White Witch for a variety of alleged crimes. The jury found both Edmund and the White Witch guilty as charged and sentenced them to 2 years and 10 years imprisonment, respectively.

Lucy and Mr. Tumnus were found not guilty and were free to go.


Year 4 are having a lot of fun in their English lessons this week! 🙂

Week Commencing 7th March 2022

What a fantastic start to the week - the sweets were out in Maths! 😍

This week we are learning about data handling and we started with how to transfer data to a graph. We created a tally chart of the sweet colours, before drawing up a bar chart to display our findings. Cannot wait to develop our knowledge as the week progresses.

Week Commencing 28th February 2022

Wow, what a day we had on Monday, discovering more about the day to day living of the Anglo Saxons.


Following our History topic from last half term, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the lives of the Anglo Saxons through various activities. We explored artefacts, learned how animal skins were used, looked at materials, cooking utensils, food and weapons. 

Did you know that they wore clay jewellery? During the afternoon, we made our own jewellery from clay and finished the day role-playing spear throwing - watch out, our aim was quite good!😮 

Week Commencing 21st February 2022

This week in 4EG we have been learning about seasonal food. We have been looking at which foods are available at specific times of the year and what happens when we can't grow certain foods in our country during the year. We discussed about importation and the pros and cons of this. Using ingredients grown in the UK, we then made yummy flapjacks. They are now currently chilling in the fridge ready for them to try on Monday! 

Week Commencing 7th February 2022

This week has been an amazing week for showing off what they have learned in history during our enrichment day this Thursday. The children designed and made Anglo-Saxon shields and using their knowledge of Anglo-Saxon villages, made their very own village. The children also role played the story of Alfred the Great. One of our favourite moments was going outside and creating our very own shield wall as the Anglo-Saxon's did when they fought the Vikings. 

Week Commencing 24th January 2022

This term in DT, 4EG have been learning how to sew using three different stitching techniques - running stitch, back stitch, and cross stitch. First, they looked at different cushion covers and then they created their own designs. Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been using their design to help create their very own cushion cover.
I am very impressed with all the children's sewing skills 🙂 

Week Commencing 3rd January 2022

The children are so excited to be back to school this week and begin their learning. One area in particular that all children are enjoying is history.
We are learning about Anglo-Saxons this term and I have been so impressed with the amount of chosen additional work children are carrying out home researching about them.
have been proudly displaying their findings on our class working wall for all to read. So proud of you 4EG! 

Week Commencing 6th December 2021

Still image for this video

Hola, this week we had an exciting Friday for our enrichment day as we explored many aspects of Spanish culture such as food, architecture, climate, and traditional dance.  The children enjoyed it so much that they asked if we could do this every day! Please enjoy the video of the children dancing together at the end of their enrichment day above.  


Adios amigos

Week Commencing 29th November 2021

This week in 4EG we have been busy writing a story of Lily and the Snowman. The children have loved this story as it has helped us get into the festive spirit. Together we have immersed into the story and all their amazing work has been placed on our working wall. We are currently midway through writing the story so here are a couple of examples of the children's fantastic work so far! 

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021

In 4EG this week we have been busy making our Christmas hoop for the hall display. Our theme was Santa and together we came up with ideas on how to create this. With help from the children, we decided to have Santa hanging down with his presents falling around him. I think you can agree, it has turned out great! Well done 4EG 🙂 

Week Commencing 15th November 2021

This week we have had a very important video lesson to attend - Two Johns. This lesson was about online safety and how to be aware of stranger danger when playing games or watching videos online. 


The reason it is called Two Johns is because it is led by two police officers who specialise in online safety and are very passionate about keeping children safe online. There will also be a lesson available for parents to attend on Wednesday evening next week.


Have a safe and happy weekend!

Week Commencing 8th November 2021

In art this term we are learning about Joan Miro, a Spanish painter.  He uses surrealism in his paintings and today we recreated a picture using inspiration from his designs. 


Some of our class' favourites are pictured above.

Week Commencing 20th September 2021

In PSHE this week, we have been looking at similarities and differences between people. To celebrate everyone’s differences, we then created a poster to not only influence others to embrace other people’s uniqueness but to encourage others to not be afraid to be themselves. Here are our very colourful and influential posters!