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Week commencing 17th July 2023!

Only days from the Year 6's last day of school, and we prepare ourselves to become Year 6! On Tuesday, we met our new teachers, which was really exciting!

On Wednesday, we had a ProStrike sponsored event which was great fun for everybody - we had three chances to shoot in the goal and get the fastest score!

Now we are enjoying our last couple of days in 5NW and can't wait for our class party tomorrow afternoon! 


Written by Massi and Lewis

Week commencing 10th July 2023!

On Thursday, we started our adventure at Grays train station and we stopped at West Ham. Our next train that we got on, we had to wait 24 stops before it was our turn to get off! Finally, we arrived at Wimbledon and began our 15 minute walk to the stadium. After we passed security, we went for a nice stroll  across the stadium, whilst browsing for a lovely spot to have lunch,  which was on the hill. Then, we headed back to the centre, the biggest tennis court in the world.


In total, we watched two matches and in between we had a thirty minute break. In the first match, Czech Republic won by two sets to zero and in the second one, Turkey won by two sets to one. 


We had the best day at Wimbledon and were so lucky to have that opportunity!


Written by Ethan and Aleeza.

Week commencing 3rd July 2023!

This week we were so excited to write our 'Alma' narratives which we had been planning for the previous week. We worked extremely hard to use precise description and create tension. 

In Science, we worked in table groups to make parachutes, using a plastic bag, string and paper before we tested how long they took to fall to the ground from head height. We then learnt about air resistance before reflecting upon our designs and deciding what we will do differently when we try again next week! We will let you know how it goes!


Written by Daniil and Eddie

Week commencing 26th June 2023!

Over the last few weeks, our art topic has been 'birds and feathers'. This week, we combined our sketch of a bird with the close up and detailed sketch of a feather, to create a new piece of artwork. We created some really amazing sketches!


Within English this week, we have started a new topic called Alma, which the children were sceptical about because it is a little eerie. However, so far we are all loving it! 

Week commencing 19th June 2023!

This week has been very busy for our school as we have had a lot of events happening!


First up, our Year 6 prepare for their end of year celebrations and advertised products that they have made to sell as part of their entrepreneur week. We are all really excited to see their creations and cannot wait to buy things from them.


We had Science day on Wednesday which was so fun! We had an assembly with two scientists who carried out lots of experiments at the front; getting the teachers involved too! We then got to move around the school, visiting different classes and having a go at a variety of investigations.


Finally, we had sports day which was also so exciting! We had the opportunity to take part in lots of races, competing against each house point team. In the end it was Attenborough's yellows who won and took the trophy! Well done!


Written by Jeremiah, Massi and Elifsu

Week commencing 12th June 2023!

After coming back from our half-term, we are concentrating on Forces in science and Climate Control in geography. In English, we are looking at The Highway Man poem and have written a setting description and a character description. 


For our PSHE lesson this week, we enjoyed a role-play activity in our table groups whereby we acted out either an unsafe, risky or emergency situation. We discussed the difference between these words and the importance of responding safely. 


We also had the exciting opportunity to attend the art gallery and view our work that we created before half-term, it was really amazing to see artwork from across the whole school. 


Written by Ted, Sahzarif and Ethan

Week commencing 2nd May 2023!

This we, we enjoyed writing a contrasting diary entry to last weeks and this time we wrote about the Viking’s invasion at Lindisfarne, from the perspective of the monks. Once we had completed both entries, we then worked in our table groups to  rehearse and perform a re-enactment of the invasion, which we were really excited to do!


In Science, we learnt about the lifecycle of an insect and in particular, the lifecycle of a butterfly and the process of metamorphosis. We created a lifecycle wheel, drawing images and labelling them, to describe the process.


We had an extremely important PSHE lesson whereby we learn about medicine and how important it is to understand how to use them safely.

Week commencing 24th April 2023!

This week we have been learning about the Vikings in our history lessons and about the famous attack on Lindisfarne. We have each written two diary entries – one from a monk’s perspective and another from a Vikings’ perspective – based on the invasion. We really enjoyed doing this and learning how the Vikings travelled on their longships before battling the monks for their clothes, food, jewellery and treasure!  In Science, we looked at the differences between reptiles and amphibians and then completed the life cycle of a frog.


Written by Danial and Rihelle.  

Week commencing 27th March 2023!

This week, commencing the 27th March, we have continued to focus on our English unit (War Poetry) as we have written a poem in the style of Dulce et Decorum Est.


In Science, we worked in groups to present information on how plants produce. Some of us created posters, others performed as an expert gardener and one group became news reporters.


In Geography, we continued our work on rivers and floods – we looked at the Thames Barrier and wrote a newspaper report as if it was written at the time of installation. We explained what a flood is, how they occur and then why the Thames Barrier was constructed to prevent flooding.


Written by Albert, Jeremiah and Sahzarif

Week commencing 20th March 2023!

This week, we have been doing our tests since it is assessment week – everyone has been working extremely hard and so far the results have been pleasing!


In Science, we have been learning about the plant life cycle and this week we were focusing on how asexual plants reproduce. We made a leaflet which was a guide for gardeners on how to reproduce a plant asexually. Within this leaflet, there were four headings to explain in great detail; the four types of asexual plants, how to take a cutting, important information for when taking a cutting and caring for a cutting.


Written by Ria and Ella

Week commencing 13th March 2023!

5NW have been very busy this week! Asides from all of our usual fantastic lessons in class, we had the opportunity to visit Thameside Nature Park on Wednesday. This linked in with or current Science topic (plant lifecycles) and we were able to show off everything that we had learnt in class and apply it to the outdoors. We did a scavenger hunt, minibeast hunt, flower dissection and a visit to the bird hide.

On Thursday afternoon, we did a Road Safety Walk, learning how to correctly cross roads and the dangers to look out for.

Week commencing 6th March 2023!

This week, 5NW have been busy taking part in lots of fun activities, including; PSHE, English and guided reading. In guided reading, we have been reading a book called ‘The boy at the back of the Class.’ So far, a boy called Ahmet joined a school in London, the capital city of England. He is a refugee which means that he escaped a war-filled country. Our English lessons have linked in with this book as we have written a balanced discussion, answering the question – ‘Is the UK doing enough to aid other countries?’


In PSHE, we have been looking at jobs, skills, ambitions and dreams and how these all interlink.


Written by Adele and Massi – 5NW

Week commencing 27th February 2023!

We have had a busy week in Year 5! In geography, we learnt about the 3 main parts of a river (upper, main and lower) and created an information leaflet about this. In Science, we applied our knowledge of the parts of a flowering plant from last week to learn about the process of plant fertilization. In Art, we were given one section of a flower image and had a go at sketching the rest of it, before using water colours to paint it.


We also had World Book Day, which we thoroughly enjoyed! In our class, we had Mrs Root, the Demon Dentist as the teacher, some Little Red Riding Hoods, the Three Blind Mice, Darth Vader, Dr Seuss and many more!

Week commencing 20th February 2023!

5NW enjoyed the start of their new Science topic this week – Plant lifecycles. We learnt about each part of a flowering part; the names and the function. We dissected a real tulip, identifying each part and labelling it for our working wall.


In Art, we then had a go at sketching some flowers. We started off by drawing the image that came to mind when we thought of a flower. Then, we had a go at sketching a tulip from an image before finally, we followed a step-by-step tutorial video to draw a daffodil. We had some amazing art work in our class and really enjoyed completing a gallery walk at the end to see what everyone had achieved.

Week commencing 30th January 2023

Year 5 have had a busy week this week. We’ve been learning the names of animals in French and learnt how to say which animals we have as pets at home. We learnt about Alexander the Great in history and debated whether or not he deserved his title. In Science we discussed the processed of evaporation and condensation and considered how somebody stranded on a desert island could use these to change sea water into purified water – we even did our own experiment in class to replicate the scenario!  

Week commencing 23rd January 2023

Week commencing 9th January 2023

During our Science lesson this week, we had the challenge to decide how we could separate a range of materials, other than by hand. We had paperclips, plastic bugs, rocks, sand and water so we used a funnel, magnets, tweezers and filter paper. When we poured the sandy mixture through the filter paper, the wet sand stuck to the inside of the paper as the water slowly passed through and into the beaker.

Week commencing 2nd January 2023

We have had a very exciting first week back in Year 5! Our English work has been based on the music video ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta and when we returned from breaktime on Wednesday, our classroom had been trashed! We had to enter carefully underneath yellow ‘caution’ tape. We examined the space carefully and safely, before describing in detail what the room looked like.


In Science, we started to explore reversible and irreversible changes and we began to explore the Ancient Greeks during history – a topic that we are really excited to learn more about this half term!

Week commencing 5th December 2022

This week, Year 5 had their American Enrichment Day. We spent the morning in groups, researching different states that we hadn’t already learnt about this half term and then each group presented to the rest of the class. By the end, we had learnt about Ohio, Texas, New York, California and Colorado!

In the afternoon, we designed our own American Diners and then we even made and ate our own American pancakes! Yummy!

Week commencing 28th November 2022

In Art this week we discussed idioms and how their meaning is very different to the words used. We then had a go at using art to represent different idioms and had great fun! Here are a few of our examples.

Week commencing 21st November 2022

This week, Year 5 visited the Civic Hall to take part in the ‘Walk Online Roadshow’ all about keeping safe online. We all had a fantastic time and felt extremely lucky to have been invited!

Week commencing 14th November 2022

In Year 5 this week, during English, we created some wonderful descriptive writing about a forest. We worked really hard to show the contrast between the tranquil feeling of the forest during the day and the possible spookiness as the forest enters night time.


We produced some fantastic pieces of work, which have now been displayed on our classroom Golden Writing wall!

Week commencing 7th November 2022

In Art this week we enjoyed practising our shading skills before having a go at sketching a close up from Salvador Dali’s, Persistence of Memory. As you can see, we have some fantastic artists in Year 5!

Week Commencing 31st October 2022

We have had a great first week back in 5NW and have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about each of our new topics! In geography, we started learning about America, particularly focussing on North America and the countries within it. In our science lesson, we identified different properties of materials and used these properties to sort different items into a Venn diagram. In PSHE, we had great fun discussing the qualities required to make a good friend and below you can see some of our perfect ‘Recipes for friendship!’

Week commencing 17th October 2022

Over the last few days, 5NW have been creating work for our RE corridor display. Our key question is, Why do some people believe that God exists?  We have worked hard to copy up our writing neatly and create 3D images for effect. This is our final display board, which we are all really proud of! 

Week commencing 10th October 2022

As part of our History lesson this week, we collated our ideas as a table to decide whether the British Empire was a good or bad thing to have. We then used our ideas to have a class debate before reaching the final decision that in fact, the British Empire was not good for our country. We really enjoyed this activity and had some great supporting arguments.

Week commencing 3rd October 2022

On Thursday this week, Year 5 had an exciting opportunity to go on board the inside of a recycling truck which had been converted into a classroom. We were very surprised to learn about some of the things that actually can or can not be recycled; which we didn’t know before! David from Thurrock Recycling also introduced us to a competition whereby we could win the chance to name a new recycling truck in 2023 and have our image printed onto it!

Week commencing 26th September 2022

Year 5 have been waiting patiently all week for their trip to the National History Museum! We are taking part in the Mission to Mars Workshop, building space buggies and then using coding to programme them into working. We are also excited to learn how the scientists and researchers at the museum work to explore life on Mars! 

Week commencing 19th September 2022

We have had great fun in 5NW this week! We worked in our table groups to research Queen Anne and created large posters to present to the rest of the class. In Science we discussed whether the Earth is flat or spherical and looked at a number of theories to help us make an informed decision – we learnt that the earth is spherical because gravity pulls everything to the centre, giving it its shape.

Week commencing 12th September 2022

Year 5 had a really exciting history lesson this week – we completed a drama group activity acting out how King John (the worst king in history) treated his barons. King John happily set rules for his country but was not willing to follow them himself! It was a result of this that the Magna Carta was created and has been referred to for hundreds of years since.

Week commencing 5th September 2022


This week, 5NW spent some time discussing which qualities are required to make a good school councillor. We spoke about the responsibilities involved and previous councillors shared their experiences. The children then all worked hard to write a speech explaining to the class why they would make a good councillor before we took a vote to find out the winning boy and girl.


Congratulations to Ria and Keegan! Well done!