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Week commencing 4th July 2022

The children completed a race for life this week for cancer research. They enjoyed running for the cause and created some lovely t-shirt stickers that were personal to them.

Week commencing 27th June 2022

This week the children wrote a narrative based on a short film-Alma. They have loved this topic and have been contributing some exciting ideas during our English lessons. I have been so impressed with their writing- well done year 5!

Week Commencing 20th June 2022

This week Quarry Hill had its sports day! The children loved the day and really got involved with the different sporting activities. I was so proud of all their efforts and their competitive spirit.

Week Commencing 13th June 2022

Week Commencing 6th June 2022

This week was science week! We had a chance to explore MRS GREN and our specific word was excretion. The children got involved with many activities this week including; research based lessons, presenting work, dissecting owl pellets and even investigating different animal poo! We had so much fun.

Week Commencing 23rd Mary 2022

This week we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! We had so much fun doing different activities from the parade, collaging, decorating biscuits, presenting all about the Jubilee and decorating our own plates. It was so nice to see so many of the children dressed up!

Week Commencing 16th May 2022

Week Commencing 9th May 2022

This week we looked into the ways the Vikings punished criminals. We recreated a court scene and DS was the criminal! The class had to decide a suitable punishment from the modern day perspective and from the Viking perspective.

Week Commencing 2nd May 2022

Week Commencing 25th April 2022

Week Commencing 18th April 2022

Welcome back year 5! It was lovely to see everyone again after a restful 2 weeks off.

We have been starting our new, exciting topics this week which the children have enjoyed. In DT we are learning all about healthy eating and focusing on a particular dish… Spaghetti Bolognese- yum! The children created posters about the journey from farm to fork for the beef or about cattle welfare.

They created some lovely, informative posters!

Week Commencing 28th March 2022

We have officially completed the spring term!


I have been so impressed with the progress the children have made over the past several weeks.


I wish you all a lovely two week break and I am looking forward to seeing you progress even more in our final term!

Week Commencing 21st March 2022

This term we have been reading the boy in the back of the class. The children have loved this book and engaged in different tasks based on it.

In drama, they reenacted Ahmet’s story. In English, the children wrote a diary from the perspective of Ahmet during his time in Syria.

Week Commencing 14th March 2022

This term we are learning about flowers in art. The children were using Van Gogh’s drawings of sunflowers to inspire their work this week. I was so impressed with their final results!

Week Commencing 7th March 2022

This week year 5 took a trip to the London Science museum! It was a great day full of exploring and learning all things science. We were able to find out more information about our new topic- space.

Week Commencing 28th February 2022

Week Commencing 21st February 2022

This week we have started our new topic in science all about space! The children researched about space in general and then focused on the planets individually. It was clear they really enjoy the topic and cannot wait to learn more interesting information! 

Week Commencing 7th February 2022

What a great last day of term! Year 5 had their enrichment day today which involved different activities based on our geography topic- climate change. The children got involved with litter picking this morning and collected lots of rubbish! In the afternoon, the children had their own research question based on an environmental problem. They needed to come up with their own product idea/design to tackle it.

Week Commencing 31st January 2022

This week we have been very creative! We are working as a class to complete a new and exciting board for the hall all about diversity. The children have been a great help with this and have loved displaying their creativity.

Week Commencing 24th January 2022

Week Commencing 17th January 2022

This week, Year 5 have been investigating angles. We started off by naming different types of angles and identifying them by drawing on the tables. At first the children were confused but thoroughly enjoyed it afterwards… even the clean up.

Week Commencing 10th January 2022

Our topic in Geography this term is climate change. Today we had an exciting workshop run by Anglian water. They spoke about the water treatment process and the importance of monitoring your water usage. Above are two children’s pledges to cutting down their water.

Week Commencing 3rd January 2022

Happy new year everyone! The children have eagerly returned to school after their Christmas break. This week we started our new topic in science which is Forces. The children had an opportunity to experiment the force of gravity. They even created some bubbles to understand what forces were involved when it is floating.

Weekly Commencing 13th December 2021

We have been up to lots of Christmas activities this week. From Christmas poems to class parties and a snow filled disco! The children have loved getting into the festive spirit and particularly enjoyed their Christmas performance.  

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a restful break

Week Commencing 6th December 2021

This week in English we have been researching various famous people in order to write a biography all about their life and achievements. The children researched the likes of Richard Branson, Tim Peake, Elon Musk, and Jeffrey Bezos. Above is a biography about Greta Thunberg- the children loved learning about her passion for the earth. 

Week Commencing 29th November 2021

 For this term in science, we are learning all about materials and their properties. This week, we conducted an experiment that involved us separating salt from water. The children wrote a letter to a stranded man on an island giving him advice on how to stay hydrated using salt water.

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021

This term our golden writer, for the hall's display, is Daniella! She has produced some excellent pieces of writing in English especially her Robin Hood recount which captured the story perfectly whilst adding in some of her own ideas- well done Daniella!

Week Commencing 15th November 2021

Week Commencing 8th November 2021

This week in 5TA we did our first art lesson in year 5. We were introduced to a new artist- Salavdor Dali. The children spent time researching the artist and tried to understand the meaning behind Salavdor’s unusual drawings.

Week Commencing 1st November 2021

Week Commencing 18th October 2021

Week Commencing 11th October

Week Commencing 20th September 2021

Week Commencing 13th September 2021

We are learning all about the Ancient Greeks this term in History. The children have loved learning about a different time. I have been amazed with the prior knowledge the children had, especially their understanding of the different Greek Gods. The above work is from a child in 5TA who I was really impressed with his informative report on the comparison between the two states- Athens and Sparta.