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Week Commencing 6th May 2024

3Sb have been finishing up their pillow creations this week, in DT. We have spent the term designing, cutting and sewing our very own miniature pillows. It has been great to see the children practicing their sewing skills, as well as learning how to fix mistakes that they have made (everyone makes mistakes!) They should be very proud of what they have managed to create in such a short time and hopefully parents will be seeing the amazing creations very soon!

Week Commencing 22nd April 2024

This week in English, we wrote character descriptions about our main character in our book, The Killer Cat, called Tuffy. I gave out 15 proud cards in my English class this week and I was so impressed at the level of writing we can now achieve independently. I cannot wait to see what the children produce next week, as we move onto writing our very own diary entries as if we were the Killer Cat himself.

Week Commencing 15th April 2024

Welcome back 3SB, to Summer Term (although it certainly doesn’t feel like summer)!

This week, we have seen a real change in the children – they all seem so grown up and mature. We have been looking at using estimation and inverse operations to check our answers in Maths this week. This will help us in our assessments, to check to see if we are correct, saving time in the long run and getting those marks (and to aim for Greater Depth). Keep up the hard work year 3!

Week Commencing 25th March 2024

This week we learned about David Walliams and his amazing rise to fame. We loved learning about his life growing up, the schools he went to and the plays he was in that inspired his acting career and many of his books. Interestingly, we learned that his book, The Boy in a Dress, was inspired by a first play he was in school. The children enjoyed learning about their favourite author and the amazing charity work he has done over the years. What a lovely end to the term!

Week Commencing 11th March 2024

We LOVED our school trip this week in 3SB. We visited Chelmsford Museum and took part in 4 different activities, all about the Stone Age. We looked at Stone Age tools, Stone Age living, and we even got to create our own Stone Age cave paintings! The children were all very well-behaved and the staff at the museum highlighted how great they were. Really proud of you all!

Week Commencing 4th March 2024

We loved dressing up for World Book Day this year and we were so excited to see such impressive and creative outfits! We immerse ourselves in the day by swapping with 1JV to read to the year1’s – which was such fun! Super looking forward to the next World Book Day to see all the fun outfits we come up with.

Week Commencing 26th February 2024

Welcome back 3SB! This first week back has been super productive and we can feel that year 3 maturity setting in already! We spent our time in English this week writing a diary entry from the perspective of the main character of the book, Stone Age Boy, and there have been some wonderful creations. I can’t wait to share these with you during our parent consultations on March 7th!

Week Commencing 5th February 2024

This week, we have been enjoying the last days of the half term by finishing off our pneumatic toys. Hopefully by now, parents have seen the toys that the kids of 3SB have created (and had a go at playing with them)! Our toys were 4 weeks in the making, and year 3 put a lot of time and effort into them, and they should be very proud!
Have a happy and safe half term off – see you all in Spring Term 2!!

Week Commencing 29th January 2024

We had so much fun this week in 3SB! We tried our hand at creating structures that would withstand an earthquake (or more, the tables being shaken!)
We quickly found out that a solid structure, built bigger at the bottom and getting thinner as it gets taller is the best design to withstand a big shaking. Looks like we have a few architects on our hands here!

Week Commencing 22nd January 2024

This week, we wrote our recount of the alien visitors! It has been very exciting in year 3, as we have had to collate all our evidence in order to write an honest and factual recount. We have used a range of sentence types, as well as creative language and the correct tense.

Week Commencing 15th January 2024

Aliens have invaded QHA! Year 3 are currently investigating a very important case regarding aliens crash landing in Quarry Hill. These mysterious creatures appeared in the night and left many things covered in a strange silver material all over the school. We have been in touch with NASA, and will be writing a recount next week, detailing everything that happened. Watch this space to see these recounts and to find out the truth!

Week Commencing 8th January 2024

This week in Year 3, we have been re-writing the narrative of Scarlett – a young girl who has a disability and dreams of dancing. Our work this week has been incredibly emotive and beautiful, and many children have received proud cards because of their wonderfully mature work! I am so proud of everyone this week, and the children should be proud of themselves as well!

Week Commencing 18th December 2023

This week, we have been winding down after a long half term and getting ourselves in the Christmas spirit. We have had our Christmas party recently, a well as our Christmas performances, and we have enjoyed a more relaxed time in school. Our hard work this term has really paid off and I look forward to seeing everyone back in the new term in the new year! I hope everyone is safe and has a lovely time off 😊

Week Commencing 11th December 2023

In 3SB this week, we completed our big write – The Long Wait – in English. We have really enjoyed writing our emotive and descriptive diary entries from the perspective of a child waiting to give a gift to his parents, and how his mood changes on the run-up to Christmas Day. The children have really got into their pieces of writing and I have been very proud of what they have achieved!

Week Commencing 4th December 2023

We really, really enjoyed our Kenya enrichment day recently! As a whole class, we painted a giant Kenya flag, split into 4 pieces. It was wonderful seeing it all come together at the end of the day. We also enjoyed playing the African drums at the end of the day – although it was noisy, we got used to the rhythm by the end of it. Overall, it was an exciting and educational day, and a great way to learn more about Kenya and its culture.

Week Commencing 27th November 2023

This week in Science in 3SB, we had LOTS of fun completing a magnetic materials hunt! The children searched within the classroom, as well as outside for any materials which were magnetic. We quickly found out that some materials tend not to be magnetic (grass, wood, clothing, hair) and that a lot were (table legs, whiteboards, Miss Black’s badges)! So far, we have had a lot of fun developing our scientific ability and understanding of magnetic materials and how magnets work.


Week Commencing 20th November 2023

This week in 3SB, we have had so much fun in Science! We learned all about repelling and attracting, and how these are affected by both north and south poles on magnets. We had a repel race in class, where we repelled magnets from one side of the table to the other as quickly as we could which resulted in a very tense and competitive class! We look forward to learning more about magnets as the term closes out.

Week Commencing 13th November 2023

In maths in Year 3 this week, we looked at all things fractions! We now know how to recognise fractions, find equivalent fractions and find fractions of amounts. We know that we can find fractions in everything around us, and some of us have been putting this into practise outside of school – which is wonderful to see!

Week Commencing 6th November 2023

This week it was lovely to get to see all parents during parent consultations! It is truly a joy to see you all and speak to you about your child’s progress and to let you know how proud we are of them here in 3SB!
I am glad you all got a chance to look through some lovely bookwork as well during your time.

Week Commencing 30th October 2023

This week in 3SB, we have been getting used to being back at school after our lovely week off. We have been looking at multiplication in maths, and you can support your children at home by practicing multiplication (if in doubt, check our calculation policy). We have already had a lot of fun this week and look forward to what the rest of the term holds in store for us. Christmas is right around the corner…!


Week Commencing 16th October 2023

This term in 3SB, we have been comparing the Tower of London in the past to how we know it today. This week in particular, we have looked at how the Yeoman Warders (or Beefeaters) have changed during the Tower’s extensive history. We wrote a wonderful piece of work showcasing our knowledge! 

Week Commencing 9th October 2023

This week in 3SB, we made the most delicious fruit crumble together as a class. We were able to follow instructions sensibly and carefully, and we shared equipment like pros! Most of us enjoyed the taste at the end of the day (but some of us thought the blackberries were a bit too sour). I was really impressed at how well we all tidied up as well!

Week Commencing 2nd October 2023

This week in 3SB, we were delighted to be able to visit the Tower of London! We had a magnificent time learning all about the different towers and their striking pasts, and we were able to amaze some of the Beefeaters with our own extensive knowledge. Although we did a lot of walking up and down many flights of stairs, we had enough energy to explore the entire place – including the Crown Jewels! As their class teacher, I could not have been prouder, as I had a few members of the public comment on how lovely, polite and well-behaved our children were! Overall, a truly unforgettable first school trip.

Week commencing 25th September 2023!

This week in 3SB, we have been writing a narrative based on Disney Pixar’s Partly Cloudy. We have really enjoyed getting to know the characters of Peck and Gus, and have written our own versions of the story. We practised using fronted adverbials and emotive language to truly paint a picture of the story we have watched together. Hopefully it could be something you can watch together at home and they can tell you all about it!

Week commencing 18th September 2023!

In 3SB this week, we have been looking into self-respect during PSHE. We now know what it means to have self-respect, how we can show self-respect and the importance of self-respect. We wrote a letter to an alien to explain our findings and we hope it can help them out. Super job 3SB!

Week commencing 4th September 2023!

This week in 3SB, everyone has been settling in so well!
We named our School Councillors, set our class expectations, and even began working in our books with our best presentation. We are so excited for the rest of the year and look forward to all the hard work coming our way in Year 3. I know we will all rise to the challenge!