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Week Commencing 6th May 2024

This week, the children reflected on their emotions, what makes them happy, calm and grateful. Here are examples of their lovely work!

Week Commencing 29th April 2024

This week the children made a prototype of their pavilions. They have been given the challenge of designing their very own pavilion to suit their own audience.

Week Commencing 22nd April 2024

This week, the children made their very own digestive systems. They used the sandwich bag to resemble a stomach, tights for the intestine and orange juice for the stomach acid. They loved this messy task and were able to apply all of their prior knowledge on the human body to this experiment. 

Week Commencing 15th April 2024

Welcome back 4TA! This week we started a number of exciting new topics, one being "Healthy eating" in PSHE. The children displayed their ideas on a poster- I was super impressed with their creations.

Week Commencing 25th March 2024

Our last day consisted of our very own easter egg hunt! The children loved exploring the playground in search of chicks. I hope everyone has a lovely and safe half term!

Week Commencing 18th March 2024

This week, we looked at people in our lives that influence our journey and who we idolise. It was lovely to see the children’s work and the different positive influences they have around them.

Week Commencing 11th March 2024

This week the children were able to write their very own version of our guided reading book, Christophe’s story. They spent time learning about Rwanda and the life the children led there. Here is an example of a lovely description on Rwanda.

Week Commencing 4th March 2024

Today we celebrated world book day! The children came in dressed as their favourite book character and we enjoyed a range of activities to celebrate this exciting day. Well done to all of the children who made an effort! 

Week Commencing 26th February 2024

This week, the children were looking at their life journey so far. They looked at their own personal milestones and we discussed what plans some of them had for the future.

Week Commencing 5th February 2024

This week, we visited Kent Life where the children explored the farm and learnt about Ancient Greek battles and medicine. They loved the trip and we all had so much fun! Hope everyone has a restful and safe half term. 

Week Commencing 29th January 2024

Week Commencing 22nd January 2024

Week Commencing 15th January 2024

Week Commencing 8th January 2024

This week, the children discussed their life journeys and what they want to achieve in the future. It was lovely to see their different dreams and aspirations!

Week Commencing 11th December 2023

This week, our class elf was particularly mischievous! He got inspired by our guided reading book "Demon Dentist" and stole Santa's tooth! The children love seeing what our naughty elf does everyday- what will he do next?

Week Commencing 4th December 2023

Well done 4TA this week for receiving the 100% attendance award for the week! Keep it up! 

Week Commencing 27th November 2023

Week Commencing 20th November 2023

Week Commencing 13th November 2023

Week Commencing 6th November 2023

This week the children learnt about a new artist called Joan Miro who was inspired by colours and shapes that were linked to surrealism. The children drew different loops and shapes to replicate his work. I was super impressed by their work and their creative ideas!

Week Commencing 30th October 2023

This week the children created their own poppy for our remembrance display outside of the school. They loved learning about the importance of celebrating and remembering those who fought for our country and the significance of this special day.

Week Commencing 16th October 2023

Week Commencing 9th October 2023

This week in year 4 we went on our school trip to the musuem of power. We had a lovely down learning all about electricity 


Week Commencing 2nd October 2023

This week we were looking at how to help our environment, the children created these lovely posters to promote ways to help our world. 

Week Commencing 25th September 2023

This week we decorated biscuits! The children thoroughly enjoyed designing their own biscuit and loved trying them out.

Week Commencing 18th September 2023

This week we explored our similarities and differences. The children loved this activity as it was a chance to see how alike they are with their peers despite the differences between them!

Week commencing 11th September 2023!

This week the children explored their differences and what makes them unique. They loved sharing their likes and dislikes and what makes them different to their peers. I was super impressed with their lovely posters!

Week commencing 4th September 2023!

Welcome back year 4! We had a lovely return back to school this week and the children settled back in nicely. We chose our class school councillors- Rebecca and Leon. They are super excited to represent 4TA and the rest of the school.