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Week commencing 4th July 2022

2CH have been working in groups this week to solve Maths investigations including making a specific number using only 4 numbers, how many different variations of ice cream and cracking codes. In Geography we have made our own maps of the Isle of Struay. In English we have made settings of a stormy sea that we used to help our writing. They looked amazing!

Week commencing 27th June 2022

2CH have been learning about shapes this week, and we have made our own shapes out of spaghetti and blue tac. We have also been tried different pizza toppings, written a recount about the zoo and learnt about germination in Science. What a busy week!

Week Commencing 20th June 2022

Year 2 had the most wonderful trip to the zoo on Friday and saw many different animals. Our favourite was the elephant and the tiger, who was having his lunch!

This week we have been discussing how to make pizzas and trying the bread we might use to see how good it will be. We have also learnt how to give directions and written a recount of the trip to the zoo.

Week Commencing 13th June 2022

2CH have planted seeds this week to see what will happen. Ask your child what they did and what they think will happen.

We have also learnt about islands, started reading a great story about foxes and discussed why we are all special.

We had an amazing time at the zoo, photo’s to follow next week!

Week Commencing 6th June 2022

2CH had a wonderful science week this week. We planted cress seeds and watched them grow. We could see the roots and shoots! We also looked at a venus fly trap and a desert rose, used our senses in a feely bag and learnt how plants are sensitive. We also enjoyed using glockenspiels to make our own music.

Week Commencing 23rd May 2022

What a week in 2CH! Painting, playing, writing, drawing, designing, and dressing like royalty. The children really enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations and the art day alongside their learning about Queen Elizabeth and writing a diary entry pretending to be Florence Nightingale. Have a lovely half term holiday!

Week Commencing 16th May 2022

Year 2 had a fun afternoon hunting for worms. We looked in different areas to see which habitat is the best for worms. Ask the children what we found!

Week Commencing 9th May 2022

Another week of learning and producing some fantastic work. 2CH have drawn self-portraits, written about a mean, nasty rat and learnt about why Florence Nightingale was famous and what she did.

Everyone has worked hard this week and tried their best. Well done!

Week Commencing 2nd May 2022

2CH have been bug hunting, learning a new story called The Highway Rat, working on maths problems and writing newspaper reports about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.
Another busy, yet productive week!

Week Commencing 25th April 2022

2CH have had a busy week with lots of fun learning. Learning about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, a story called Space monkey and how the Earth has been damaged, and another story called Rama and Sita to learn why Hindus celebrate Diwali. Lots of amazing writing and I’m really proud of their progress!

Week Commencing 18th April 2022

Welcome back to Summer term in 2CH. It’s been lovely to see everyone back and raring to go!

This week we have written our own riddles, sequences numbers, made colour wheels and discussed how we can keep our physical and mental health well.

Well done to our star of the week, Aseela, who has been more independent and working well in all of her lessons.

Week Commencing 28th March 2022

We have been learning about our location in Geography. Following on from our walk in the local area a couple of weeks ago, we have been looking at the map and marking out our route. We enjoyed sticking photos of the sites we saw around the map and pin-pointing their location.

Week Commencing 21st March 2022

2CH have had yet another busy week with plenty of different activities going on. We've learnt a new story called the Dragon slayer, which we will be writing next week, learnt about compasses and directions and made these wonderful bird collages using a variety of materials. Looking forward to another busy week next week!

Week Commencing 14th March 2022

Going on walks to look at our local area, learning about different life cycles and writing to Julia Donaldson have been the highlights of 2CH this week. Lots of active learning and fun!

Well done to our star of the week, Lucas, for being more responsible, independent and trying his best with his writing in all lessons.

Week Commencing 7th March 2022

2CH have had a great week, with designing our own Gruffalo’s wife, looking at our local area on Google maps, and finally going shopping to see what we could buy.


Well done to our star of the week- Jasmine, for always following all of our core values.

Week Commencing 28th February 2022

   2CH have had a wonderful week writing stories about a magic brush, looking at maps to see where we live, and creating abstract collages using different materials. Well done to our star of the week, Melissa!

Week Commencing 21st February 2022

Welcome back after the half term holidays!  This half term our topic will be ‘Minibeasts’.  We have already started to learn lots of different facts about bugs.  We did an experiment to find out why spiders do not stick to their webs but other bugs do.  We had to touch our sellotaped spider web with our fingers and they stuck.  We then dipped our fingers in oil and tried again.  This time our fingers did not stick.  We now know that spiders have a special oil on their feet so they do not stick to their own webs.   We were lucky to have Cheryl visit us from Grays library to read us a story.  She gave us all a special book pack to take home.  We have made caterpillars and ordered minibeasts by size.  We have been counting spots to put on our         ladybirds.


Week Commencing 31st January 2022

2CH have had a wonderfully busy week. We’ve made moving toys, painted houses for the Great Fire of London, made our own houses and even watched a fantastic video of a stampede in our playground.

Well done to our star of the week, Aya, for settling in so quickly and becoming a valued member of our class.

Week Commencing 24th January 2022

Year 2 have had a lovely week. We had a very interesting workshop with the PDSA, learning all about the work they do and the pet superheroes.
In English we have written about a magical butterfly book, and in History we have made our own Samuel Pepys diaries that look old. Ask one of the children in 2CH how they did it!

Well done to our star of the week, Rebecca, an all-round superstar!

Week Commencing 17th January 2022

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to the church this week to look at its features and understand why the church is important to some people. We saw the different features and had time to look at bibles, the 900 year old font and the oldest part of Grays!

Week Commencing 10th January 2022

    On Monday 2CH investigated what happens to our shoe size as we get older. We measured shoes and found lots out! Ask your child what we found and how.

We've also been busy writing our own stories of Little red riding hood, finding out about the great fire of London and learning about the Christian church.

Well done to our star of the week, Taybah, for being an all round super star!

Week Commencing 3rd January 2022

2CH have had an exciting week learning about our new topic, the great fire of London.

Great work from Myles!


Well done to our star of the week, Daniel!

Week Commencing 13th December 2021

A fun filled, festive last week for 2CH. We made wrapping paper using our own prints, had a fantastic party and enjoyed watching shows and pantos.


Enjoy your holidays and see you in January ready for a new term of hard work and learning!

Weekly Commencing 6th December 2021

What a busy festive week in 2CH!

Writing stories about the man on the moon, singing carols at the church, perfecting our Christmas production and learning about Mardi Gras. 

Well done to our star of the week....Thangget!

Week Commencing 29th November 2021

2CH have had an amazing busy week. Practising for pur Christmas show, learning about fractions and writing letters to the Man on the moon from the John Lewis advert.

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021

We have been starting some of our exciting Christmas preparations this week by creating our Christmas hoop for the hall display!
We are so proud of our fluffy snowmen!
Can you spot yours?

Week Commencing 15th November 2021

What a week in 2CH! We had a wonderful Brazil day making flags, masks and truffles. Then we wrote a report about our amazing school in English, learnt how to multiply in Maths and made mezuzahs in RE.

Ask your child to explain what they have been learning.

Well done to our star of the week, Zac!

Week Commencing 8th November 2021

2CH have had another busy week.

We've innovated our stories, learnt how to add and subtract, cooked our own meatballs and painted Brazil flags using pointillism.

Well done to our star of the week, Aseela, for being independent and showing great progress in her reading!

Week Commencing 1st November 2021

What a busy week in Year 2. We've started a fantastic new book, learnt a new story, practised our number skills and eaten chocolate!

Week Commencing 18th October 2021

We finally finished our puppets, alongside writing a letter, learning about bar charts and writing a diary entry about the Queen’s coronation day! Such a busy half term!

Week Commencing 4th October 2021

2CH had a great yellow day . We talked about being proud and things that make us happy. 

Week Commencing 27th September 2021

In 2CH, we have written a recount of how animals shared gold. Then we designed our puppets that we will make next week. 

Week Commencing 6th September 2021

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the year! Today we made puppets and made up our own stories with them.