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Week commencing Monday 3rd February 2020.


Based on our learning and discussions from both Art and History, the children took inspiration from the Stone Age ruins (Skara Brae) in Scotland and other archaeological impressions to create stone age buildings out of clay. The children moulded the clay into shapes to create the base of their structures and then used perfecting techniques of blending the clay together to try and make an excellent finish. We are now waiting for them to dry, so that we can paint them next week! We are very excited to see the finished results. 



Week commencing Monday 27th January 2020.


This week, in groups we had to create a strong structure out of Lego. Some of the children were inspired by the Empire State Building which was designed by William Lamb. Unfortunately, we didn't have 410 days to build our masterpieces! Then, we took inspiration from our history lessons about the Stone Age, to design and create Stone Age structures, such as roundhouses, farms and even Stonehenge. 









Week commencing Monday 20th January 2020.


This week, in 3HO, we became architects for the afternoon, discussing the structural properties of some famous buildings from around the world. After that, we focused on sketching techniques capturing the unique designs of these buildings.  Maybe you can guess some of these famous structures from our sketches?