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Week Commencing 5th July 2021

We have had a fantastic week in 1VW!

With only a week to the end of the year, we thoroughly enjoyed the sports day activities! 

We also finished off the week by dressing up in red, white or blue in support of England getting through to the final.

Week Commencing 14th June 2021

It has been an exciting week in 1VW! We have been learning about money in maths and have written the story of Rumpelstiltskin in English. In Science, we enjoyed going out to collect different plants & flowers and sorted them into different groups. We also had fun making Father’s day cards!

Week Commencing 7th June 2021

1VW have had a fantastic first week back in school! They have really enjoyed learning the  story of Rumpelstiltskin and have used some amazing vocabulary to describe the setting and characters.

In Maths, we revised addition and subtraction and we learnt to choose the best method to solve different calculations. We have started learning about Holidays in Geography and the children have enjoyed discussions about places they’ve visited, what they did while on holiday and some of the things they took with them on holiday.

Week Commencing 23rd May 2021

In 1VW we have enjoyed learning about Titanic this half term! This week has been fun because we created our own model of the Titanic using clay.  We also went on a school trip to Grays Beach to learn about different plants and trees.  To finish off the half term,  the children spent Thursday evening after school  enjoying a movie.  Its been such a wonderful week! I hope everyone has a restful half term and we look forward to seeing you all back again on the 7th June!

Week Commencing 3rd May 2021

1VW have had an eventful week working hard to find missing OfsTed! We have investigated fingerprints, footprints and handwriting evidence to identify the culprit. Looking closely at handwriting from possible suspects, the children strongly believed that Mr Young was the culprit. They argued that most of his letters were formed the same way as the one on the ransom note. We can't wait to find poor OfsTed! 

Week Commencing 26th April 2021

This week Year 1 had a fantastic day making seed bombs and planting them.  We’ve had an amazing week and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. We are going to  water our plants daily and are very excited about watching them grow!

Week Commencing 19th April 2021

1VW have enjoyed learning about plants in Science. In History, we learnt about life onboard the Titanic and wrote about the different classes. In English, the children have enjoyed writing facts about dinosaurs. Great job 1VW!

Week Commencing 12th April 2021

1VW have had a great first week back! We have learnt about dinosaurs and have started our new topic in History, The Titanic.  This week we have created patterns using different materials.


Week Commencing 15th March 2021

This week in 1VW, we started  learning our new story, ‘The Way Back Home’. The children used adjectives to write fantastic sentences to describe the setting and the characters in our story. We also enjoyed sequencing the events in the story.


In maths, we focused on division and building arrays to solve multiplication questions.


In Geography, we compared England and Brazil.

Week Commencing 8th March 2021

1VW have had an amazing first week in school! We have written Goldilocks and the Three Bears story in English and revised using RUCSAC to solve word problems in maths.

We learnt about different jobs in PSHE  and made lovely mothers day cards for our mums .

Week Commencing 1st March 2021

English – Our story for this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Children worked hard to describe the character using adjectives and wrote an alternative ending to the story.


The children looked great in their fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book Day.


Maths – We have learnt to organise and use data.

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021

English – We’ve been using rhyming words to write a poem. The children have worked extremely hard planning  and writing four verses for their poems.


In maths we have been revising our number knowledge. We used greater/less than to compare numbers and completed missing numbers in sequences counting in 2s,5s and 10s.


Geograhy – Our topic this half term is clothes. This week we discussed why we wear different clothes for each season.

Week Commencing 8th February 2021

English-This week we have written amazing stories about bubbles using a wordless video. The children have been very creative and impressed us with their punctuation.

In Maths we revised reading the time to o’clock and half past and learnt to use positional language.

In PSHE we had a discussion on how to take care of our environment and the children produced some fantastic posters.

Week Commencing 1st February 2021

1VW celebrated Children's Mental Health week and expressed themselves in many fun activities. Everyone worked extremely hard to show us what makes them happy. Well done 1VW!

Week Commencing 25th January 2021

Maths – Division – We learnt to share different amounts equally.

In English, we wrote our story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’.

In History, we learnt about old and new toys. The children had a go at making their own toys from the past.

Week Commencing 7th December 2020

Geography – We learnt about the differences and similarities between France and the UK.


English – Children used their plan to write a non-chronological report about France.


Maths – In Maths we have been revising missing numbers.

Week Commencing 23rd November 2020

Maths –  We learnt to measure length using standard and non-standard units.

We also weighed objects using a balance scale and the language heavier or lighter.

In addition, we used measuring cylinders to measure capacity of different containers.


English – This week we wrote our innovated story.


Geography - In Geography, we learnt about the different weather symbols and temperature.                                                                                                                                                        


Week Commencing 9th November 2020

English – This week we wrote a poem about fireworks using our five senses.

Maths – We learnt to recognise and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Week Commencing 2nd November 2020

English – This week we have been using interesting adjectives to write sentence to describe fog.

Maths – We learnt to recognise and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Geography – In Geography we have started learning about France

Week Commencing 19th October 2020

English – In English we learnt to sequence and write a set of instructions.

Maths – This week in Maths we learnt about money. Children learnt to recognise coins and notes and to add coins.

Week Commencing 12th October 2020

English – In English children used their plan to write the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story.

History -  In History we compared the foods that were eaten by rich and poor Tudors.

Week Commencing 5th October 2020

In English, we wrote sentences using adjectives to describe the big bad wolf in our story “Three Little Pigs.” In Maths, we looked at word problems. We learnt to use RUCSAC to help us solve worded problems. Finally, in History, we learnt about how food has changed from the past. 

Week Commencing 28th September 2020

In English, we started writing the story “Handa’s Surprise”  using capital letters and full stop correctly.

In Maths this week, we looked at subtraction. We learnt to subtract using objects and also by counting back on a number line accurately.


Week Commencing 21st September 2020

In English this week we have been learning the story “Handa’s Surprise”. We used adjectives to write  sentences to describe the fruits and the animals  in the story. We also acted out the story.


In Mathematics this week we have been adding using a number line and also refreshed our knowledge of number bonds to 10.


In Science this week we are beginning to look at our senses.


In History this week we have learnt about where our food comes from.

Week commencing 14th September 2020

This week, we looked at place value in Maths and in English, the children have been writing the story “This is the Bear.”