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Week Commencing 5th July 2021 - Nursery

We have been having lots of fun this week with our ‘Splash’ topic.  We used paintbrushes and water to write our names on the tray.  We cheered our friends on during our water relay race and helped one another squirt the water along a pipe to move the boat into the water tray.  We had lots of ideas of why we need water and its uses.


Week Commencing 14th June 2021: Nursery

In Nursery this week, we have been talking about things you would find at the beach and making beach pictures.  We enjoyed playing outside in the lovely sunshine and collecting leaves, daisies, dandelions and other natural objects to stick on our ‘sticky wall’.  It made a beautiful picture.  We shared a reading book together and read about ‘Sailors.’ Our last task of the week was to make our Father’s Day cards.


Week Commencing 12th April 2021: Nursery

Our first week back to Nursery after the Easter break has been full of adventure.  We have started our new topic ‘Explorers’, which has been very exciting.  We explored the  texture of ‘Gloop’.  It was wet and slimy and we could make marks in it with our cars. Outside, we looked at Spring flowers and picked daisies.  Exploring lots of different technological toys has been fun too.  We used a Story Sack to tell us the story of ‘The Journey home from Grandpa’s.’


Week Commencing 15th March 2021

In Nursery this week we have been using small paint brushes to carefully paint different dinosaurs.  Another of our ‘jobs’ was to piece phonic puzzles together to make words.  We have also been making up silly rhymes for our names and making ‘silly rhyming soup’.  It has been great fun! We finished the week by designing our own red noses for Red Nose Day.


Week Commencing 8th March 2021: Nursery

Nursery children have been having fun in the garden going on a dinosaur hunt.  They have also played a Dotty Dinosaur shape game.  All the children have been making their Mother’s Day cards in preparation for the big day on Sunday!


Week Commencing 1st March 2021: Nursery

This week in Nursery we have celebrated ‘World Book Day’ by dressing up, reading books and entering our competitions.  We have been practising writing letters and doing initial sound quizzes.  A General Knowledge quiz was also set to  have fun answering questions about all the things we have been learning.  We are also continuing our topic about ‘Dinosaurs’. Busy, busy week!


Week Commencing 1st March 2021: Preschool

We at Preschool, wanted to show you all the amazing work our children have been doing. As you know we have started our new topic on dinosaurs and have also been looking at the season Spring.  We have created some fun activities for the children to complete on Mini Mash. We also have been very active on Twitter and continue to upload wellbeing videos as well as some fun phonic songs! Please take a look at some of the amazing work our children have done. 

 We are looking forward to returning to work next week and seeing all the children.  

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021: Nursery

Welcome back after the half term break Nursery children.  Wow! You have been busy this week learning about dinosaurs.  We have seen some great pictures that you have made on Purple Mash.  Some children have been learning facts about dinosaurs and then describing  what they are like.  Have a look on Twitter for the link to join ‘Andy on his Dinosaur Adventure’ to find out about the Diplodocus! Have fun!







Week Commencing 22nd February 2021: Preschool

We have been very busy this week in Preschool, as we have started out new topic this term, which is dinosaurs. 

We have been uploading phonics and wellbeing videos for parents and staff to try at home. We have been uploading dinosaur themed phonics as well some fun dinosaur activities that the children can do at home. We have also been uploading two activities daily on Purple Mash, which the children have been completing. Here is some of the amazing work that the children have been doing. 

Week Commencing 8th February 2021: Nursery

This week the weather has dominated our learning as children have experienced going out into the snow.  They have built snowmen, made snow angels and have been listening to the sounds the snow makes underfoot and how it feels.  We have labelled and coloured in clothes we wear in winter and have drawn some fantastic penguin pictures.

We have still made time to order numbers and to do our phonics.  This week we have learnt the correct letter formation for letters a,b,c,d,e and f and thought about words that start with these sounds.


Week Commencing 1st February 2021: Nursery

In Nursery this week we have been busy drawing faces showing different emotions and talking about our feelings.  We had fun trying to make the bee fly to  every flower on 2Go.  We also practised our counting by looking at  different emoji faces.  Keep up the good work children!


Week Commencing 1st February 2021: Preschool

We have been continuing our minibeast topic this week as well as looking at winter. The children have been dressing the bear ready for the cold. We have also been sent some amazing work that the children are completing at home! 

Week Commencing 25th January 2021: Nursery 2

So proud to share some of our lovely work from Nursery 2 children. Since the lockdown, they have been working so hard. They have been participating in all the activities we are putting on ‘To Do’ and are doing an amazing job at writing their names, counting and colouring! Well done Nursery 2 - Excellent job!

Week Commencing 25th January 2021: Nursery 1

Nursery have been finding out about minibeasts and completing quizzes on Purple Mash.  It has been great fun!  There has also been a ‘Quiz Time’ challenge set.  All you have to do is complete the ‘Quiz Time’ Challenge for the next two weeks to become a ‘Quiz Time’ Champion and receive a certificate in your Purple Mash tray!

Week Commencing 25th January 2021: Preschool

Our topic this term is Why Do Spiders Eat Flies?

The children have completed set 2do's by inventing their own insects and counting minibeasts. 

They have been practising their letter writing that is linked to our phonics posts on Twitter 3 times a week and they have also been exploring independently and saving their work into their trays. 

Week Commencing 14th December 2020

We have had a wonderful end to a brilliant half term! This week Nursery have taken part in a range of Christmas activities and followed the rest of the school in enjoying their own Christmas Party! The children were so excited to join in with party games and eat a selection of party-themed snacks. We were amazed at their great listening skills when playing musical statues. We have some wonderful dancers in Nursery. We hope you all enjoy the beautiful Christmas creations that the children have been working hard to make this week, and we wish you all a safe and merry Christmas! 


Nursery Team. 

Week Commencing 7th December 2020

Friday 14th December 2020:


Today, Preschool and Nursery joined the rest of the school in the ‘Santa Dash.’ They took part in their own gardens by jogging, hopping, jumping and moving for as long as they could. They were fantastic!

Christmas has definitely arrived at Quarry Hill this week. The children have loved starting their Christmas gifts for parents and look forward to sharing them with you very soon.

We look forward to an exciting timetable of events next week, and cannot wait to celebrate with you.


Have a lovely weekend

Preschool and Nursery Team


Week Commencing 30th November 2020

We have had another amazing week in Nursery and Preschool. The children have noticed that things are starting to change in the classrooms! There are lots of decorations and sparkles appearing and our role play areas are starting to transform into grottos! Christmas is on its way.

Keep a look out at your next session to see if there are any more Christmas additions to your classrooms.


Have a lovely weekend

Nursery and Preschool Team. 

Week Commencing 16th November 2020 - Nursery

This week, Nursery continue to explore their topic ‘People who help us’. It has been lovely to see them finding out about Fire Fighters and the equipment they need to help others. The children enjoyed using the small world table to act out rescues. During carpet time, the children explored how to call the emergency services using ‘999’ and they explored how to identify which service they would  need. This extended into putting the right amount of people into each service vehicle. In the garden this week, the children have made their own ‘Investigation Station’ bottles. Hidden inside each bottle were a range of small items. The children had to use their detective skills to find all of the hidden objects.

Week Commencing 16th November 2020 - Preschool

This week, Preschool have been focusing on ‘Child Initiated Learning’. This is where children ask their key worker for activities that they are interested in each day. It has been lovely to see how confident they are becoming in making their own likes and dislikes heard. We have had investigation bins, swamps and dinosaurs; quarries and diggers and number dough. Whilst engaging in these activities, we encourage the children to show their friends how to play in their chosen task. This is building their social and communication skills.

Why not ask your child what they would like to play over the weekend? Are they able to make their own choices and show you how to play?

Week Commencing 9th November 2020 - Nursery

In Nursery this week, we have enjoyed exploring a range of creative activities to help build our hand muscles ready for writing, and to build our knowledge of colour and mark making. We have explored what it means to be an artist and a good friend. We have celebrated cultural traditions for Diwali and remembered those who lost their lives in the war for ‘Remembrance day’. All of these wonderful experiences have enabled the children to talk about traditions and celebrations they have at home too. Today, we have enjoyed learning about ‘Children in Need’. We took part in a range of activities, but our favourite activity was colouring in a giant ‘Pudsey Bear’ for our learning wall! We all helped to fill the teddy with our very best mark making. We cannot wait to explore more interesting topics, next week. Nursery Team.

Week Commencing 9th November 2020 - Preschool

Wow! What an amazing start to Autumn 2 we have had in Preschool, already! We have been exploring our new topic ‘People who help us’. We have had Doctors, Nurses, Post officers, Hairdressers and shop keepers experiences for our preschoolers to explore. They have loved learning about each of these special jobs and sharing their own experiences from home. We have enjoyed playing in our homestyle library, were the children love to sit on the sofa and read books together. Today, we all enjoyed taking part in a range of ‘Children in Need’ activities. Our favourite activity was sticking lots of yellow craft materials to a giant Pudsey Bear! We cannot wait to see what our children explore next week. Have a lovely weekend Preschool Team.