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  • 30th Mar

    Roots to Food Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken recipe

      Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken on a bed of Spring Onion Pasta served with a Chunky Tomato and Basil Sauce INGREDIENTS Chicken Fillets – 400g Chunky Diced Fresh Tomatoes – 2 Fresh Basil – 10 leaves Finely Chopped Fresh Garlic – 2 cloves Fine Diced Spanish Onions – 1 large Vegetable Oil – 50ml Black Pepper – 2 pinches Parmesan Cheese – 3tbls Pre Cooked Pasta Shells – 200g Chopped Tomatoes Tinned – 400g Sliced Yellow Pepper - 1 Sliced Spring Onions – 60g...
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  • 22nd Mar

    Year 2 Visit to London Museum

    24th February 2017 Dear Parents/Carers,   I am pleased to let you know that we have arranged for all Year 2 pupils to attend a trip, on Wednesday 22nd March, to the London Museum as part of our Great Fire of London topic. Children will explore the interactive exhibition looking at different artefacts and will have the chance to see St. Paul’s Cathedral.   Please ensure your child is in school by 8.45 a.m. for registration as we plan to leave school at 9.15a.m. We will aim to return to school by 3.00 p.m.  Children should wear school uniform for the trip and bring a waterproof coat with them in case of adverse weather. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch (no glass bottles or fizzy drinks)...
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  • 20th Mar

    A Guide to Healthy Eating

      This is a great spot for a mission statement Top Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox! Try pitta strips, bread sticks or carrot/cucumber sticks with dips Always try to add a little salad or cucumber to your sandwich Make a salad using rice, pasta or potato from the night before Chop up your fruit to make it easy to munch on! Drink water Try ham or cheese or tuna for a sandwich filling Try brown bread (or one slice of brown and one of white!) Include at least one fruit and one portion of vegetables    ...
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  • 20th Mar

    Roots to food raffle ticket

    Please join us for our FREE Roots to food presentation! free food tasting and free cooking demonstrations! This is your FREE raffle ticket to WIN a healthy hamper! Thursday 30th March at 2.30pm in Bradleigh Hall!  
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  • 17th Mar

    Year 5 Natural History Museum Trip

    17/01/2017 Dear Parents/Carers, We are pleased to let you know that we have arranged for all Year 5 pupils to attend a trip to the Natural History Museum, as part of our ‘Life Cycles’ topic, on Friday 17th March. During the visit children will have the opportunity to learn about the way animals adapt to their environments, evolve to fit their habitats and fit into the global ecosystem.   We will be leaving school to make the journey by coach at 8.45 and need all pupils to be in from 8.30 to register. We will aim to return to school by 3.30 p.m.  In case of traffic, please check with the office, as we will inform them of any significant delays on our journey.   Every child will need a packed lunch (no glass bottles or fizzy drinks). Packed lunches should be in strong, disposable carrier bags in order to be easily disposed of. If your child is currently in receipt of Free School Meals and you wish to order a school packed lunch, please let the school know by Friday 3rd March. Children will not have the chance to visit the shop but there is an online site for anyone wishing to make a purchase.   We will need a smal...
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