Year 3 Ancient Egypt Workshop

25th April 2017

25th April 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


The Year 3 History topic this half term is ‘Ancient Egypt’. We are exploring life in Ancient Egypt and the important people linked to it.


Because of this, we are pleased to let you know that we have arranged for an exciting visitor to help us explore life in Ancient Egypt. This will take place on Tuesday 24th May 2017. It will be a very exciting day, with children learning about Ancient Egypt in a greater depth with the experience helping to capture the children’s imagination further.


During the visit, the Year 3 children will have the opportunity to discuss and learn all about life in Ancient Egypt. To enhance the children’s involvement even further, children are encouraged to dress up as either Egyptologists (jeans, shorts, wacky jumpers, T-shirts, hats) or as an Ancient Egyptian (ready-made outfit or make your own!).


The cost of the Ancient Egypt Day is just £5.00 per pupil.  Please send this into school, with your slip, before Wednesday 17th May. If you have particular reasons why you cannot make this payment, please do speak with us at school and we can give you a payment card at the office to enable you to pay in instalments. If we do not have enough parents’ contributions to cover the cost of the experience then we will have to cancel and all payments received will be refunded in full.


Yours sincerely,





Miss Childs

Year 3 Lead Teacher




Name of child: _____________________________             



Class: 3LC / 3NR / 3CJ (please circle)






                   I enclose £5.00 for my child to take part in the Ancient Egypt  experience.