A Guide to Healthy Eating

20th March 2017


This is a great spot for a mission statement

Top Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox!

  1. Try pitta strips, bread sticks or carrot/cucumber sticks with dips
  2. Always try to add a little salad or cucumber to your sandwich
  3. Make a salad using rice, pasta or potato from the night before
  4. Chop up your fruit to make it easy to munch on!
  5. Drink water
  6. Try ham or cheese or tuna for a sandwich filling
  7. Try brown bread (or one slice of brown and one of white!)
  8. Include at least one fruit and one portion of vegetables















                                   by Alex

















A message from our school council:

We are writing to you to provide you with suggestions on how to take good care of yourselves when it comes to healthy eating.

We have come up with ideas on how to improve our eating habits and live a longer, healthier lifestyle.


We decided to buy some stickers to reward those children who bring a healthy packed lunch into school. We also tried lots of different foods to see what tasted best and what food groups they fit into.


Hopefully, we can help more people to know how to become healthy eaters! What will you try?


Year 6 School Council – William, Zahra Mya and Jay





Healthy Eating Poem

You may have brushed your teeth,

But you need to know

Down the healthy path

Is the way to go!


Oranges give you that little boost

Bathed in vitamin C

If you want to live long

That’s the way to be!


Don’t forget your vegetables

To get your health in the right direction

When you eat your greens

You’ll be a vision of perfection!


Bite into a carrot

Swap it for a snack

I can guarantee

It will get your immune system back!

by Lydia





Ideas for a healthy packed lunch by Arshi

It is important to have a healthy lunchbox. I have pasta which is in the carbohydrate group. This is important because it gives you energy and keeps you full up.

In my pasta I have meat such as chicken and beef.

Also, in my lunchbox I have an apple and a banana. It is important to have 5 fruit and veg a day so it can help you fight bugs and bacteria.

In my lunch box, I also have a carton of milk that helps keep my teeth and bones strong.

To finish, I sometimes have a chocolate bar but I do only have it for a treat because it has a lot of fat.